About The Museum


The Mission at the Museum of the Sierra is to provide cultural and educational experiences to deepen the understanding of the human and natural history of the Sierra region.  The Museum of the Sierra is a museum without walls inspiring future generations to nurture a healthy and resilient forest and community


As long as humans have called the mountains “home”, festivals and community events have enriched their society and strengthened bonds among the people. 

Following that tradition, we host live and virtual events, concerts and meetings that foster a sense of community. 


We are committed to STEM, Natural History and History education and work closely with area school. Ask about out “PEP” program and School tours or our museum. Email for more information CSHS@SierraHistorical.org 


We offer both indoor and outdoor space for meetings, lectures, weddings and parties. 


The Museum is currently closed to visitors and we hope to open April, 2021. 


Put us on your “Things to do at Shaver lake” list whether you live in the area or you are just passing through on a hiking, backpacking, fishing, boating or weekend visit. We hope to see you soon!