The keel of the Osprey II, crafted from some of the finest woods available, including Honduras Mahogany and White Ash, was laid on April 9, 2003.  Plans for this stunning incarnation of maritime heritage and personal pride originated from an unusual source; Boats Anyone Can Build, compiled by the Editors of Popular Science Monthly in 1947.  Described by the Editors as a Motor Cruiser, it promised “anyone” could build it for a mere $100 to $300, and it would deliver superior performance worthy of its handcrafted heritage.

Weighing in at approximately 750 lbs., possessing a length of 17 feet, a beam of 6 feet 2.5 inches, a mere 11.5 inches of draft, and 1foot 10 inches of freeboard, the Osprey II received an appraised value of more than $64,000 in 2009, soon after it was donated to the Central Sierra Historical Society Museum at Shaver Lake. In the busy holiday waters of mid-summer Shaver Lake, she holds her own at 6 knots (just under 7 mph) in crosswinds, headwinds, chop, swell and wakes from speeding modern fiberglass creations.


The time has come that the best decision for the Central Sierra Historical Society is to sell the boat so that others may enjoy her the way she was intended to be enjoyed: on the water and bringing smiles to all the faces that cruise on her elegantly crafted form.

You are not just buying a boat, you are supporting the Museum!

Be the envy of any mountain lake!



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