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Buffalo Soldier Encampment at the Museum of the Sierra

Museum of the Sierra 42642 Tollhouse Rd, shaver lake

Buffalo Soldier educators from the Buffalo Soldier Mounted Cavalry Unit, based in Three Rivers, CA will have an encampment of tents that re-create a 19th Century U.S. military bivouac. Representatives in historically accurate uniforms will educate and inform the public about the challenges and contributions of segregated African American troops on the American frontier. Educators will speak with the public and have period replicas to accurately depict the life of a 19th Century soldier. Between 1891 and 1913, Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks were the home to, and patrolled by, troopers from the 24th Infantry and 9th Cavalry. These men…

Sierra Voices #4 – Creek Fire: What do we want our forest to look like, and who is we?

Museum of the Sierra 42642 Tollhouse Rd, shaver lake

Presentation Summary - Our Forest is gone - who lost? I have heard several people say that now ‘the burn doesn’t look too bad it is turning green’.  But what is really happening, what did we really lose, what does it matter, and when will the area be back to ‘normal’. Speaker - John R. Mount worked for Southern California Edison for 31 years, managing the company’s 20,000 acres of private land surrounding Shaver Lake. He has a total of 57 years in forest management starting with the Forest Service and then 15 years in private practice. John has received…