Fire in the Sierra

In 2017 The Central Sierra Historical Society and Museum received a $25,000.00 grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) to host a series workshops educating attendees about the history of fire in Sierra. A committee including foresters, a wildlife biologist, a museum director, and a firefighter was formed and they met regularly to plan and execute the workshops.

Each workshop was tailored to its audience. The first workshop was for the local Shaver Lake community, the second for those working in natural resources, and the third for legislators and policy makers in 2018. We received such positive feedback and requests for similar workshops in other parts of California in 2019, with permission from IMLS, we were able to take our presentation on the road and hosted community workshops in Mariposa and Squaw Valley, and a briefing at the California State Capital.

It is our hope that by viewing this presentation and the attached research used to make the presentations that other organizations will feel compelled to host similar workshops in their museums and libraries on subjects they feel can better meet the needs of their communities. CSHS plans to host another series of workshops, this time focused on the history of water in the Sierra. Contact us at 559 841 4478 for dates and locations.

DOWNLOAD FIRE IN THE SIERRA PRESENTATION (Link takes about 3 minutes to download. Thanks for your patience!)