Fresno County Recovers

Fresno County Recovers

Demo & Rebuild Resources

Asbestos Requirements for Demolitions and Renovations

Demolition Permit Release Form

CAL Fire information on low cost retrofits

Regulations for new construction in Fresno County

Home Hardening bill AB 38

Free Debris Removal for Creek Fire Victims


Erosion Resources

Post-Fire Erosion Control Clinic 11/14/20

Erosion and Soil Demonstration Video

After The Fire: Dos and Don’ts

After The Fire: Post Fire Restoration

After The Fire: Straw Mulching

Preservation of Existing Vegetation

Hydraulic Mulch


Soil Binders

Straw Mulch

Geotextiles and Mats

Wood Mulching

Compost Blanket

Soil Preparation – Roughening

Non-Vegetative Stabilization

Silt Fence

Sediment Trap

Check Dams

Fiber Rolls

Gravel Bag Berm

Sandbag Barrier

Straw Bale Barrier

Temporary Silt Dike

Compost Socks and Berms