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So, I just wanted to make this because Avalon meant a lot to me and I know it did to you as well. The Cabin played a huge role in my childhood and I didn’t realize how much I appreciated the place. It was an escape from Berkeley and from stress. Avalon was always a fun place to go. There was so much to do and it was the epitome of coziness. I was crying today after I heard the news and my mom asked me what was really hurting me about the loss of the Cabin. Was it the fact that you were suffering or was it the memories? What made me sad? And of course, it made me sad that I couldn’t make any more memories there but it was also that the Cabin was my security blanket, it was my safe sanctuary. I could forget about my worries there. Whatever drama happened at school or just whatever was stressing me out went straight out the door as soon as we hit the mailbox. Avalon was a little escape from reality. Of course, that is also because of you guys presence but you get my drift. I LOVED the Cabin. That is the basic message that I am trying to get across. So, here are just a few of the memories that I made at the Cabin. Enjoy!

1) This one is a bit odd but also very nostalgic. Backing into the gravel by the entrance of the house and hearing the gravel underneath the tires while I was half asleep.
2) Playing flashlight tag with Braydon, Henry, Ethan and the Hanson kids.
3) This one goes back a while. Watering the community garden and playing cars while we wait.
4) Visiting “George” the scarecrow with Papa and Old Ugly.
5) Going bear hunting in the back of Old Ugly.
6) Just riding in the back of Old Ugly in general.
7) Playing Tripoly with Grandma.
8) Eating Papa popcorn while sitting by the conversation pit.
9) Driving the quad around and forgetting how to use he gear shift.
10) Having Papa speed down Glenwood while Noah and I were in the back.
11) Baking cookies with Grandma.
12) Watering Grandma’s rock garden (very therapeutic).
13) Crashing the Blue Car into a tree.
14) Sledding down the slope behind your bedroom.
15) Watching Winnie The Pooh as a kid in your bedroom.
16) Getting to bring the gifts up at Church.
17) Going to Camp Edison an fishing and swimming at Shaver.
18) Going to Shaver an getting sand on our apples.
19) Running away from the wasps and meat bees.
20) Sitting outside at 4:30 to have our tin cups.
21) Chasing Jellyfish around the property.
22) Checking how much Grandma’s Redwood had grown in the past months.
23) Going for Easter Egg Hunts with the cousins (especially the time when I teamed up with Elijah and he refused to take more eggs from our car because it would be stealing.
24) Having the Nerf Gun fight with all our cousins and even the Kuska Boys.
25) Climbing up on the rocks right below the deck and trying to balance on those.
26) Fighting with Braydon and Henry a couple year back and throwing gravel at each other.
27) Visiting all your friends on the mountain.
28) Having a snowball fight with our dad and getting soaked in snow and having cold ice running down our back and our nose red. Then we would come inside to be warmer but our feet would be burning because of the quick and extreme temperature change.
29) Watching Walker Texas Ranger while having our tin cups.
30) Having a cup of hot chocolate in the morning when I wake up.
31) Watching Jellyfish curl up right in the tiny corner of your couch.
32) Playing with the little doll house upstairs and talking to myself while I create a whole alternate universe.
33) Playing the cake making game on your computers.
34) Going to the candy jar as soon as we arrived to see what new goodies Granma had put there.
35) Watching Dad go to the snacks cupboard when we arrived because that meant we got snacks too.
36) Hearing all the mountain stories about how you put this or that together or how Granma ran outside naked because of squishy spiers or how moths infested tour newly built home or how Papa worked on a ranch and leaned to drive at 12 or how Papa sprayed Grandma with water from his breathing machine or how Grandma messed up her mouth while walking Buster and for a few days looked like a gorilla or how Aiyana said Grandma needed air or learning why all of our ears are so big or how my dad was an awful student or Uncle Gary was the mischievous but clever one or how Auntie Lisa was babied by her brothers or how Uncle Tony was the good child or how Auntie Lisa’s doll house got burned or just all the little funny stories that kept me laughing for days.
37) Panicking when I opened the screen door too hard because it would take down the Avalon sign.
38) Asking you where each of the signs on you little beam by the conversation pit were from.
39) Or getting excited because I could actually put ice cubes in my water bottle because the ones at our house didn’t fit.
41) Spinning aroud in the bar chairs and while doing so accidentally stripping the wood off the sides.
42) The Turkey Fest. Eating all the good food, hanging out with family and just having the time of my Life.

Just some little quotes to maybe give you some hope.

Lots of Love,,