Mark Martinez

Mark Martinez | Fresno Fire Department


My name is Mark Martinez. I am a Fire Captain with the Fresno Fire Department – entering my 28th year. Although our duty to serve and do our best work does not differ from incident to incident – the Creek Fire meant so much more to many of us. The US Forest Service, Cal Fire, Shaver Lake/Pine Ridge/Huntington Lake/Bald Mountain/Auberry Volunteer Fire Departments, Fresno Fire, Clovis, North Central and Kings County Fire – just to name a few – all had members fighting fire and doing all they could to help protect/preserve our treasures – Shaver Lake, Huntington Lake, Bass Lake and the surrounding mountain communities. Personally speaking, getting up the hill ASAP to help do what I could and do my part meant so much. For what my family and I love most about living in Fresno (camping, fishing, hiking, motorcycle riding, mountain biking, boating, skiing, dining, cabin renting) and the lives and property of our mountain neighbors was entirely threatened! Although – sadly and disappointedly – there is considerable property loss and a devastatingly huge burn scar, I am thankful there were no lives lost. I feel honored to be one of hundreds of firefighters on the Creek Fire (assigned Fresno Fire Brush 3 – Task Force 5054) to have played a small part is saving/preserving what we could. #MountainStrong