Meg Tallberg

Meg Tallberg | Ockenden, near Shaver Lake


This is a story about a “little” spot in the forest during and immediately after the Creek Fire. We live just off of 168 below Ockenden & we have a “game” camera strapped to a tree on the corner of our property.  It is battery operated & snaps photos of any movement in the area.

We had to evacuate for over 3 weeks. Although we had heard that our house was saved, we had also heard that the fire came roaring over 168 in our area.  We had no idea how bad the area around us was affected until we returned.

Cal Fire & the Shaver Lake Volunteer Fire Department did a heroic job of keeping the fire to a minimum as it approached our property! Apparently, the camera kept recording & it captured the fire crew working to save our land. It also captured the BIG bulldozer creating fire breaks! But… after the fire had passed, it also captured the wildlife returning. Note: the cleared area that the animals are walking & standing on. This area had been bulldozed for the fire break & that’s how we know that these animals returned after the fire and before we returned.

These photos are just a “little” story of how the Creek Fire affected not just people, but also the animals that we share our forest with.