Nora Ray

Nora Ray | Big Creek


Memories of the Fire

By Nora Ray, age 8

I will never forget the night the fire started. The night of the fire my mom put me to bed. She said, “It is going to be all right, the fire is not that bad.” The next thing I knew my mom was waking me up. She told me to get my favorite toys. I got in the car in my pajamas. We loaded my cat and my dog into the car. We drove through Big Creek and onto the Big Creek Road. The mountains were glowing red. I held my cat as the flames jumped over our car. I was terrified! My dad was still at home. I made my mom call him and tell him to leave.

We made it to my Nana’s house. That night my cousin and I slept with our cats. They were so cute, they made us forget all about the fire. Soon after we got to Nana’s we were evacuated again. We lived with My Aunt Mary and Uncle Dwight for 40 days.

When we got home our house was still there, but everything around us looked different.