Tales of the Sierra Volume 2




The information for these stories come from interviews with people, written information that families have about themselves or their ancestors, and information from other authors.  Stories in the Tales of the Sierra Volume 2

Include the following:

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  1. Margaret (Tippuni) Baty
  2. The Qualls Family
  3. The Benjamin Kneeland Family
  4. The George Kneelands
  5. The Mary Elizabeth Miller Preserve
  6. The Morgans
  7. Clifford Frantz and Sierra High School
  8. The Visit with Norma Turner Behill
  9. A Ranger’s Story
  10. The Prather Family
  11. A Visit with Bill Jenkins
  12. A Visit with Jack Thornton
  13. Stores and Hotels of Auberry
  14.  The Seaman Family

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  1. The  William Elmer Maxwell Family
  2. Orland Bartholomew
  3. A Family of Linemen
  4. Auberry Community Church
  5. The Gil Childers Family
  6. Blayney Meadows
  7. The Ray Richards Family
  8. The Fresno County Sesquicentennial
  9. The Jacob Marshall Family
  10. The Giant Sequoia
  11. A Visit with Wilshire Alec
  12. Ted Anderson-Mr. Sierra
  13.  A Visit with Dudley Robertson



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