Tales of the Sierra Volume 3



The information for these stories come from interviews with people, written information that families have about themselves or their ancestors, and information from other authors.  The Stories in Tales of the Sierra Volume 3 Include the following:[row][column lg=”6″ md=”12″ sm=”12″ xs=”12″ ]

  1. Their First Christmas
  2. A Visit with Annette Anderson
  3. The Ford Family
  4. The Blasingames
  5. Emily Sample
  6. Tony Valerie
  7. The Lockwood Family
  8. The Winchell Family
  9. The Beecher Family
  10. The Family of James Fleming&Glenn Burns
  11. The Peterson Family
  12. D. C. Sample: Family and Descendents
  13. Clarence Marvin
  14. Loran and Roberta Martin
  15. Two Friends
  16. The McMurtry Family
  17. A Visit with Betty McMullen
  18. The Circuit Rider
  19. Fresno to Pine Ridge, Circa 1900
  20. The Kientz Family


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