Bobbie Fleming

Bobbie Fleming

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Samantha Legorreta

September 8th at 12:22am. My almost 5 year old is asleep in my bed because of a bad dream. My phone rings and I quickly grab it before it wakes her up. It’s my dad, responding to the text I had sent him only minutes before. “It’s gone, it’s all gone” is what he tells me when I pick up.

Vince Wiggins

My name is Vince Wiggins, and my husband is Keith Davis. We bought 10 acres on Sharin Woods Rd in the spring of 2000. Sharin Woods means Sharing Woods. They left off the g from Sharing to make it sound more country or hillbilly like. As one neighbor told me years ago, “It means we’re sharin dah woods!”

John Mount

My name is John Mount and I live in Meadow Lakes. On the day of the start of the fire my wife Dona said to me, “There's a fire in Big Creek,” and I said, “Oh, okay. How big?” And she says, “Oh, it's about a half an acre.” And I said, “Just absolutely no problem, don't worry about it, they’ll get that real quick."

Karen Dondero

It's been a year now, I still get emotional when we talk about it. I was born and raised in Big Creek, my dad worked for Edison, my Mom for US Forest Service.

Marissa Neely

Marissa and Chris Neely are Shaver Lake locals who now live on their sailboat, named Avocet. This story was originally publised on their blog, Sailing Avocet: