Kristin Telles

Kristin Telles

Elin Van Vleet Anderson

I have a project for us." It was my mom calling from Shaver. My husband ,Tim, and I were getting ready to load our dogs into the car and head up to my parents’ house to spend Labor Day weekend like we do almost every year. This year it was different.

Tori Lysdahl-Goss

My name is Tori Lysdahl-Goss. I was raised in Shaver Lake and graduated from both Big Creek Elementary and Sierra High School. After many years away pursuing my career as a professional singer and actress, in 2013 I and my husband, David Goss, returned to Shaver, becoming full-time residents of Ockenden Ranch.

Tara Schram

Goat racing, scratching the pigs with sticks through the fence, feeding the chickens, walking down the dirt road with my mom who said “If I could give you a pill that would keep you this age forever, would you take it?”

Ed Hanson

We had long yearned to have our own slice of heaven in the Sierras. A place where we could create a homestead, raise our two kids, and enjoy our lives under the canopies of the large sugar pines, firs, and cedars.

Jem Bluestein

My name is Jem Bluestein and I live down in beautiful downtown Academy right off Highway 168. Our music and arts community owns 100 acres out on Sugarloaf and 134 acres on Musick Creek below Dogwood Mountain subdivision.

American Forests: How one California community is reforesting after fire

CALIFORNIA FORESTER Meghan Breniman stood in front of a group of landowners on a hillside in the Sierra Nevada Mountains devastated by forest fire. Clutching a tree-planting tool in one hand and her toddler’s hand in the other, she coached the group on the proper technique for planting seedlings, demonstrating how to aggressively tamp down the soil around the roots to remove air.

Kristin Telles

Suffice it to say, 2020 was hard. I’d spent all spring and summer thinking that the kids and I would go back to school in August, and we would get some normalcy back in our lives. It didn’t happen. By Labor Day weekend of 2020 I was feeling pretty wrung out.