Historic Picture from the draining of Shaver Lake


Photographers as well as history buffs gathered to take in the experience of the draining of Shaver Lake ( this picture was taken December 2011) Pictured is the Historic Shaver Lake sawmill, In its day, the mill pond created behind the old dam stored 5,000 acre feet of water, a fraction of the size of modern-day Shaver Lake. Processed lumber from the mill was then delivered to the Valley by way of a 42-mile-long wooden flume that snaked down the mountain to the present site of the Clovis Rodeo Grounds. Shaver Lake was drained so crews could make repairs to the main dam, and the new liner they’re installing  is supposed to be good for one hundred years, so it will be a long time until this glimpse of history will be seen again.

The museum hosts many of the artifacts found during the period which the lake was drained.

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