Pine Logging Company (The Early Days & Timber)



Pine Logging Company of California was a sawmill and logging operation located at Dinkey Creek, approximately 20 miles east of Shaver Lake. It moved there in 1937 from Mariposa and was owned and operated by Robert Grimmett and his partner, Jim Rohrbaugh.
This DVD was created from 16mm movies taken by Elsie Grimmett between 1937, when the mill started, and the mid 1950’s. There are two films:
Pine Logging the Early Days is a collection of mostly black and white movies made between 1937 and 1938 when the mill was being built. The filming was by Elsie Grimmett and has been assembled and extensively edited.
Timber is an unedited copy of the original movie made by Mrs. Grimmett in the early 1950’s.
Both films are narrated by Evelyn and Francis Emmert, the daughter and son-in-law of the Grimmetts. Ann Emmert Robinson, their daughter, created and edited the DVD.
Duration: approx 40 minutes
Copyright 2002 – 2008, Ann Emmert Robinson