The Story of the SJ & E Part 1



The Story of the San Joaquin & Eastern (SJ&E) Railroad
Part 1 – El Prado to Dawn (60 minutes)
The Story of the San Joaquin & Eastern (SJ&E) Railroad is a production of the Central Sierra Historical Society and Museum, a nonprofit California corporation. The program is based on a slide show developed by Charlie Hull for showing in the dance hall of Lakeshore Resort at Huntington Lake. This video tells the story of a small, but fascinating railroad that ran from El Prado, just north of Clovis, California to Cascada – later renamed Big Creek. The 56-mile railroad was built in just 157 days in the extremely rugged terrain of the Sierra Nevada. Completed in 1912 and abandoned in 1933, the SJ&E’s sole purpose was to support the construction of Southern California Edison Company’s Big Creek Hydro Electric project. The video is presented in two parts of one hour each. The first part covers the section from El Prado to Dawn. The second part covers the section from Dawn to Big Creek and includes the Dawn to Shaver branch, the giant inclines and the Basin Railroad at Huntington Lake.
This is the second in a series of programs covering the history of the Central Sierra Nevada. The first is “Shaver Lake, The Early Years”. Other subjects include The Building of the New Shaver Dam. The Florence Tunnel, The Southern California Edison Water Story, The Bomber That Crashed in Huntington Lake, and The Mono Indians, plus many others.