Thundering Water



The Dramatic story of Huntington Lake

-Effort that built the Dams and Lakes for the world famous Big Creek project.

-Ride behind a noisy shay locomotive of the San Joaquin and Eastern R.R. See why riders called it the slow, jerky, and expensive.

-Join firefighters battling the Big Creek Fire in the week that ‘Hell Threatened’

-Hear the legend of the ‘lost bomber of Huntington Lake’ and join its sole survivor in a final tribute to his dead comrades of WWII

*Created by Dave Parker, A film and video producer who has enjoyed more than 50 years at Huntington Lake
Narrated by John Harlan, Long-time cabin owner and network announcer who’s radio and TV credits include the Emmys, Oscars, Grammys,and 14 years with Bob Hope.


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