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Museum Nature Trail Cleanup Workday

Come out to the Museum and help get the trails and grounds in shape. They need some love and we need your help. This is a two day event and you may register for one day or two days. Saturday,…

Tara Schram

Goat racing, scratching the pigs with sticks through the fence, feeding the chickens, walking down the dirt road with my mom who said “If I could give you a pill that would keep you this age forever, would you take it?”

Ed Hanson

We had long yearned to have our own slice of heaven in the Sierras. A place where we could create a homestead, raise our two kids, and enjoy our lives under the canopies of the large sugar pines, firs, and cedars.

Jem Bluestein

My name is Jem Bluestein and I live down in beautiful downtown Academy right off Highway 168. Our music and arts community owns 100 acres out on Sugarloaf and 134 acres on Musick Creek below Dogwood Mountain subdivision.

Our Team

Resiliency Council Robert Longatti Robert Longatti grew up on a small farm in Chowchilla and is a fourth-generation resident of Madera County. Through his expansive career as a local banker, Bob has worked in executive management of community banks headquartered…

Hero Day

Central Sierra Resiliency Fund’s Hero Day at China Peak Friday, March 26, 2021 | 9AM – 5PM The Central Sierra Resiliency Fund and China Peak Mountain Resort is hosting their first-ever “Hero Day” in partnership with Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Company to…

Thank You

Thank you for your donation. Our mission is to support the revitalization of forests and communities surrounding Shaver Lake through land restoration, local stewardship, and economic efforts that honor the historical legacy of the Central Sierra region. Never has there…