Sierra Voices 2014

The Central Sierra Historical Society & Museum is excited to invite you to the 5th season of its Sierra Voices Program at the Museum of the Central Sierra (42642 Tollhouse Rd., Shaver Lake, CA 93664). You won’t want to miss this year’s line-up! The program is held the second Saturday of every month from May through October at 1:00 pm. Sierra Voices is an educational program that invites guest presenters to share information that pertains to the history and culture of our beautiful area. It is the goal of the Central Sierra Historical Society to construct and operate a first-class museum and learning center in Shaver Lake that will preserve the heritage of the Central Sierra.

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 May 10 – Steve Harrison and Michael Semus will be discussing and sharing their book “Postcard History Series: Shaver, Huntington, and Hume Lakes”. This book is a very rich historical and visual account of the area, and some of the pictures they will be showing us have not been seen or published before.

 June 14 – Brenda Harrison of the San Joaquin River Gorge/Bureau of Land Management will be doing a presentation about the historical and cultural perspectives of the gorge, which is an important piece in the history of the area.

July 12 – The Honorable Ron Goode, Tribal Chairman of the North Fork Mono Tribe with a wide area of expertise will be discussing the Native American Value of Ecological Sustainability. He will tie in creation stories and traditional ecological knowledge as well as ecological practices on the landscape.

 August 9 – Stephanie Akers, a native plant enthusiast, will be sharing her knowledge about the cultural and historical uses of the area’s plants.

August 31 – (Labor Day Weekend) – The Davis Family – “Native American Life in the Central Sierra”.

September 13 – Jeff Young, a lifelong resident and local historian, will be talking about Shorty Loveless, the trapper, and enlightening us with local history along the way.

October 11 – Steve Merrill, retired special education teacher and long-time train nut, will be presenting the San Joaquin and Eastern Railway: The Crookedest Railroad in the World”.

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