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Brother Jack Henderson, FCS

I am Brother Jack Henderson. I'm a De La Salle Christian brother. I have been since 1980, shortly after I graduated from high school. I was director of Camp La Salle for 22 years before we sold it two years before the Creek Fire [to Kennolyn Camps]. I’m also a Huntington Lake Volunteer Firefighter. The story that I'm going to tell is one of miraculous survival--you wouldn't have imagined it.

Kristin Telles

Suffice it to say, 2020 was hard. I’d spent all spring and summer thinking that the kids and I would go back to school in August, and we would get some normalcy back in our lives. It didn’t happen. By Labor Day weekend of 2020 I was feeling pretty wrung out.

Marissa Neely

Marissa and Chris Neely are Shaver Lake locals who now live on their sailboat, named Avocet. This story was originally publised on their blog, Sailing Avocet: https://www.svavocet.com

Victoria Bell

It was Aunt El’s birthday. She was driving up from San Diego to Grandma Ellen’s cabin on Dowville East, the cabin that had been home to us for the last two months. “Us” is my husband, Nick, myself, and my two boys, James and Luke, our sweet mountain toddlers-in-training.

Jan Russell Hobbs

Jan Russell Hobbs | Huntington Lake 3-16-21 It was the morning of Saturday, September 5th, 2020. Our thoughts for the day ahead were full of beach time, sitting on the porch, and enjoying the company of good friends. As I…

Nancy & Steve Soares

We purchased our beloved cabin, “Rock Crest” in 1999. Being a 4th generation Dowville Tract family, I realized how lucky we were to find this cabin in Huckleberry Tract with a beautiful view of the Lake.