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Our Towns: Central Sierra Resiliency

On October 2, retired So-Cal Edison Forester, John Mount, addressed an anxious crowd of Creek Fire survivors, media outlets, and elected officials at the Shaver Lake Historical Museum, to announce the creation of the Central Sierra Resiliency Fund.

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Raised at Huntington Lake: Resiliency Fund unites generational Central Sierra legacies to restore our forests for generations to come

Earlier this month, kids from several local youth groups headed up Highway 168 and gathered at what remains of Cressman’s General Store and Gas Station. Scouts, 4-H and FFA members as young as 8 years old spread out in the vicinity of the 116-year-old landmark, each planting one or more young pine trees that will take up to 50 years to reach their full height. In an area where multi-generational histories are the norm, the breadth of time was on full display.  

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Mountain Press: Resiliency Fund

The open-air amphitheater at the Central Sierra Historical Society in Shaver Lake was the perfect spot for the launch of the newly-formed Central Sierra Resiliency Fund. The locally-held fund was collaboratively established to reforest, rebuild and boost community revitalization efforts in the wake of the devastating Creek Fire.

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Historic Picture from the draining of Shaver Lake

Photographers as well as history buffs gathered to take in the experience of the draining of Shaver Lake ( this picture was taken December 2011) Pictured is the Historic Shaver Lake sawmill, In its day, the mill pond created behind the old dam stored 5,000 acre feet of water, a fraction of the size of modern-day Shaver Lake. Processed lumber from the mill was then delivered to the Valley by way of a 42-mile-long wooden flume that snaked down the mountain to the present site of the Clovis Rodeo Grounds. Shaver Lake was drained so crews could make repairs to

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People of the Pines- A Bi-Monthly Article Series

Meet part of the team that makes your visit to the museum enjoyable, Katie Blanchard, Deb Bell and Joy West (from left to right) . From assisting our v.e.s.t. members and docents with tours in and around the museum, to various duties within the museums organization, their passion for sharing their knowledge of the Shaver area, and desire to make your visit to the museum memorable  is apparent.

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View from the Lake, Monday November 3rd, 2014

  Shaver Lake, one of many beautiful mornings, some snow still  resting on her shores! We are all so excited for the first snow of the season, all 7.5 inches. This translate to about .85″ of water…. Let’s keep the hope up for more snow, and continue to conserve water. Pictures by Dina Young

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The Story of Sinker Lumber by Jeff Young

  The first sawmill came to the Pine Ridge area in the early 1850s, and by the 1880s several other sawmills were being operated around the local area.  Around 1890 a sawmill was built on Stevenson Creek and within a couple of years an earth and rock dam was spanning the creek to provide water to a flume that would carry lumber to Clovis.  This operation was run by Lewis P. Swift and C.B. Shaver who had several steam donkeys supplying logs to this large mill.   Early on, the logs were skidded directly to the mill pond and then floated

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