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Historical Look of Marriage and Family Life for the Mono Indians

    Marriage and Family   Parents arranged marriages for their children that were often within the clan, but marriage between relatives was prohibited.  After the couple was married, the man lived with the woman’s family until the birth of the first child when they would move into the husband’s village.  Families were often extended, including paternal grandparents, and occasionally other relatives.  However, a taboo prohibited communication between same sex in-laws.  The number of children was limited to maintain a balance with resources; women used certain plants for birth control. Prenatal taboos in which the parents would abstain from meat, salt and hard food

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“Shorty” Lovelace; a Sierra Voice Presentation by Jeff Young

Saturday, September 13th, 2014, the museums media room hosted one of their Sierra Voice Presentations. Presenter, Jeff Young, a Shaver Lake native and Central Sierra Historical Society Board Member, educated his audience on the life of a Sierra Nevada fur trapper, “Shorty” Lovelace.   Shorty loved the Sierra. In the mountains he not only felt at home, but often when he was among the pines he could escape the siren call of the bottle. By 1910, with the help of his brothers, Shorty had embarked on a career that tried to capitalize on these twin facts — he had become a fur trapper.Each fall

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Bobbie Fleming

A Museum Without Walls – A Documentary Video

The Central Sierra Historical Society’s Museum is the bridge to understanding the Central Sierra and our stewardship of it. It is a museum that connects people and mountains, resources and economy, water and power, and so much more.

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Sierra Voices 2014

The Central Sierra Historical Society & Museum is excited to invite you to the 5th season of its Sierra Voices Program at the Museum of the Central Sierra (42642 Tollhouse Rd., Shaver Lake, CA 93664). You won’t want to miss this year’s line-up! The program is held the second Saturday of every month from May through October at 1:00 pm. Sierra Voices is an educational program that invites guest presenters to share information that pertains to the history and culture of our beautiful area. It is the goal of the Central Sierra Historical Society to construct and operate a first-class

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