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James Parr

Stories from James Parr--Chief for Pine Ridge Volunteer Fire Dept. and Assistant Chief for Shaver Lake Volunteer Fire Dept. He is now the chief for both fire departments.

Mariah Colbert

I just wanted to make this because Avalon meant a lot to me and I know it did to you as well. The Cabin played a huge role in my childhood and I didn’t realize how much I appreciated the place.

Gary Colbert

Gary A. Colbert | Cressman Road 9-9-2020 In the 1980s my parents bought an empty plot of land near Shaver Lake. With their own hands, with a lot of blood, sweat and tears and with some help from a community,…

Peter Arroyo

Peter Arroyo | Cressman Road 2-10-21 The Creek Fire started at 5:30 in the evening on September 4th at Camp Sierra. The morning of September 5th was already blistering its way into the oppressive heat that was to be all…

Ari Arroyo

The Creek Fire was the largest single fire in the history of the state of California and burned 379,895 acres. I am a firefighter and engineer and my husband, Peter, is a firefighter with the Pine Ridge Volunteer Fire Department. We were here from the beginning and will forever be affected by what happened, what we saw, what we did, and the people we met.

Howard V. Hendrix

Due to the ferocity of the Creek Fire, my wife Laurel and I are now displaced persons staying in a motel in Fresno. On Sunday, September 6, we were ordered to evacuate from our house in the Pine Ridge community, just south of Shaver Lake.