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Nora Ray

I will never forget the night the fire started. The night of the fire my mom put me to bed. She said, “It is going to be all right, the fire is not that bad.” The next thing I knew my mom was waking me up.

Supervisor Nathan Magsig

Leading up to the Creek Fire, the County of Fresno was concerned with the density and significant number of dead trees in Eastern Fresno county. In 2015, the Rim Fire burned over 150,000 acres near Hume Lake and the sense of urgency to thin the Forest was ever present. By 2019 there were over 25 million dead trees in Fresno County alone.

Marissa Neely

Marissa and Chris Neely are Shaver Lake locals who now live on their sailboat, named Avocet. This story was originally publised on their blog, Sailing Avocet: https://www.svavocet.com